About the association


The Association:

AFLS was founded in 1981 to encourage and promote language teaching activities and research in French Language and Linguistics as areas worthy of consideration in their own right. The Association acts as a forum for scholarly discussion and for the exchange of information among those interested and engaged in teaching French in Higher Education. The Association has members all over the world from the UK and France to the USA, Canada and Australia.


Membership of the Association brings you:

  • the Journal of French Language Studies (JFLS)
  • Cahiers: carrying the Associations news and refereed articles
  • the possibility of joining research projects and exchanging research information
  • a reduced rate for annual conferences
  • and to workshops regularly organized by our members
  • access to email-based afls-news mailing list
  • news of developments in research and in language teaching in other institutions and other countries

The Association organises:

  • a yearly conference in the UK or in a Francophone country
  • workshops on practical and theoretical topics.